Chimaera Consulting

Out Of Many, One

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Chimaera Consulting News

  • Year 20, Day 81 :: Evan Crawford is appointed Deputy Director of Chimaera Consulting. Investigator III Nylor Covet is appointed Chief of Directorates.
  • Year 20, Day 1 :: Chimaera Consulting celebrates its 1 year anniversary.
  • Year 19, Day 261 :: Chimaera Consulting has a news release [link] on the Galactic News Service.
  • Year 19, Day 201 :: Alun Tringald joins the Office of the Director as the Special Assistant to the Director.
  • Year 19, Day 188 :: Due to unexpected circumstances surrounding his Clan on Kiffu, Director Nikai Tonnak is forced to step down and return to Kiffu. Deptuy Director Tyr Kratos takes over as Director of Chimaera Consulting.
  • Year 19, Day 167 :: Chief Bsivi'li'Sabosen of the Office of Internal Affairs resigns her position and parts ways with Chimaera Consulting.
  • Year 19, Day 96 :: Chimaera Consulting has it's first official press release [link] on the Galacic News Service.
  • Year 19, Day 63 :: Evan Crawford has been hired as Chimaera Consulting's Chief of Directorates.
  • Year 19, Day 1 :: Bsivi'li'Sabosen has been hired as Chimaera Consulting's Chief of Internal Affairs.
  • Year 19, Day 1 :: A new defense contractor emerged today. Chimaera Consulting is a defense contracting group and will be led by Nikai Tonnak. The first headquarters of Chimaera Consulting opened today in Kenosha.

Chimaera Consulting was born out of one man’s desire to reform an industry that for some time had been neglected and in decline. Founded in late Year 18, the private company was built on the foundations of quality professionalism, superior efficiency, and unyielding loyalty towards clients through reliable and adaptable solutions of all facets of a security network. Striving to provide the galaxy with cutting-edge services, highly trained operatives stand ready to assist. We are dedicated to providing galactic governments and businesses with holistic risk management through in-depth analysis and proactive consulting.

Peace of Mind

The galaxy is a dangerous place. With Chimaera Consulting, you can rest assured that your systems and sectors will remain at their safest. Our highly trained Operations Directorate will ensure that your territory remains uninfiltrated all the time; every time.

A Safer Corporation

When your mind is occupied with the concerns of espionage, your productivity is reduced as a result. With our expertise, you will be able to focus on your business and leave the production of your assets to us.

Your Corporate Partner

Our goal is to be the top choice for defense contracting for governments, corporations, and small businesses alike. We will work to be your partner, tailoring solutions to every situation until our client is satisfied.